introduCtion Other Loading Railroads ConCrete pipe To evaluate the live load effect for railroad loadings, the American Railway Engineering Association recommends the use of a combination of axle loads and axle spacing represented by the Cooper E 80 loading (refer to ACPA design manual for additional information). Please contact your local Lafarge representative for additional design assistance when considering projects located near or under a railway. stormwater treatment teChnologies Pedestrian5 As per the CHBDC, the load applied for pedestrian bridges and sidewalks on highway bridges shall be not less than 1.6 kPa and not greater than 4.0 kPa. Minimum steel requirements for concrete pipe design will always exceed that required to address pedestrian loading. Other (Heavy Equipment) Lafarge has the design expertise to consider any loading case for concrete pipe. When specifying a live load for investigation, please provide your local Lafarge representative with the weight of the vehicle, its axle spacing and wheel footprint. box seCtions manhole and CatCh basin material 5 CAN/CSA S606, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, Canadian Standards Association and Standards Council of Canada, 2006, page 57. LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 35