introduCtion Concrete Pipe Design and Specification ConCrete pipe Specifying Concrete Pipe? Did you know that manufacturing capabilities can vary across pipe operations in Western Canada (both outside and within Lafarge)? Due to the availability of pipe forms and the variability of wall thicknesses and joint details, it is recommended that steel reinforcement details be prepared by the concrete pipe manufacturer rather than a project’s engineering consultant. Each pipe operation has its limitations and preferences when it comes to the size and orientation of concrete pipe reinforcement. Lafarge has the technical staff available to design concrete pipe based on site specific parameters taking into consideration production capabilities that the project manager may not be familiar with. As such, the only information required of engineers specifying concrete pipe is the nominal diameter and the depth of bury. Based on this information, Lafarge can specify either a pipe classification or project specific SIDD design as required. When utilizing the design software currently available in the industry, the design procedure for selection of pipe strength has four logical steps: • • • • Determination of earth load Determination of live load Selection of bedding Selection of pipe strength The final design step is specifying the pipe in the project bid documents. For most projects, bid items are referenced to one of the ASTM standards on precast concrete pipe. Each standard contains design, manufacturing and testing criteria. The pipe standards normally specified for culvert, storm drain and sewer projects are highlighted on page 7 of this manual. stormwater treatment teChnologies box seCtions manhole and CatCh basin material LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 29