CONCRETE PIPE Design Software There are two primary software programs utilized for the design of concrete pipe; namely PipePAC and PipeCAR. Your local Lafarge Pipe representative is trained in the use of both of these programs, and is able to provide design assistance when necessary. These programs are available for download through the OCPA and ACPA websites, respectively. PipePAC The PipePAC program relates to the ASTM C76 Class Pipe design, and provides a recommendation for pipe classification based on site specific conditions. Drainage product engineers, specifiers and contractors looking for the best tools to help them select the right material for buried infrastructure systems will find the tools they need in the PipePac 2000 software. In addition to offering integrated analysis using three independent programs for D-load calculations, i.e. pipe class selection (3EB module), estimating the material costs of the pipe and embedment zones (CAPE module) and the real cost of the materials specified over the design life of the program (LCA module), the software program is versatile and userfriendly. PipeCAR PipeCAR is a structural analysis and design program for direct design of concrete pipe (SIDD) and can be ordered from the American Concrete Pipe Association. Alternatively, contact your local Lafarge concrete pipe plant for more information. The output of PipeCAR differs from PipePAC as it provides detailed steel reinforcement requirements, including stirrups (if necessary). As steel reinforcement availability and manufacturing capabilities differ depending on manufacturer, it is recommended your local Lafarge representative be contacted prior to specifying SIDD concrete pipe. Alternatively, SIDD pipe can be specified based on the design cover alone, providing the manufacturer the freedom to choose the appropriate reinforcement that works best with their operation. PAGE 28 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL