CONCRETE PIPE Testing and Quality Control Regular testing provides assurance that the materials being produced meet the standards and quality that is expected. Testing is a critical component of the manufacturing process as it ensures the final product matches the requirements of the design. For reinforced concrete pipe, there are a variety of tests in place that must be completed before the pipe can be installed. Supporting Strength of Concrete Pipe The supporting strength of a buried concrete pipeline is dependent on the structural strength of the pipe, the type of foundation, and the compaction of the fill material adjacent to the pipe. Methods for evaluating each of these factors is discussed in the following sections. Plant Prequalification Program While many tests and quality assurance procedures are outlined within applicable standards and specifications, the concrete pipe industry has a number of programs available to ensure best practices are part of every day practices. At Lafarge, our pipe operations are part of the Plant Prequalification Program, administered by the Ontario Concrete Pipe Association (OCPA). This third party program provides certification for compliant concrete pipe manufactures and is a requirement in many Canadian jurisdictions as a condition of sale. Please see page 23 for additional information on this program. Quality control and assurance programs at Lafarge are constantly being reviewed and updated to reflect best management practices within the industry. Each pipe operation in Western Canada is staffed with a Quality Control Team that conducts day to day testing to ensure our products are meeting an acceptable standard, but are also always working diligently towards improvements that are reflected in the quality of the final product. PAGE 20 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL