introduCtion INTRODUCTION ConCrete pipe stormwater treatment teChnologies Welcome to the Lafarge Concrete Pipe eManual This online resource represents an innovative design and marketing tool designed to better communicate the key design considerations involved in specifying concrete pipe and precast concrete drainage materials. This format features multiple advantages, including ease of content updates by Lafarge, 24/7 accessibility and content downloading, and the elimination of paper, which supports Lafarge’s commitment to sustainability. The Design and Marketing team within the Concrete Pipe Division of Lafarge has assembled the material in this manual related to Concrete Pipe and Precast Concrete Drainage Structures with the expectation that it will assist municipalities, consultants, engineers, contractors, and other individuals interested in gaining additional information on precast concrete drainage structures and their specifications. This information will assist professionals with specifying proper materials and will facilitate a clearer understanding of the characteristics of precast concrete when used in the field. box seCtions manhole and CatCh basin material