CONCRETE PIPE Manufacturing Process There are two methods of precast concrete production employed at Lafarge facilities across Western Canada; drycast and wetcast production. Plant Tours Interested in seeing how concrete pipe is made? Please contact your local Lafarge Pipe representative to set up a plant tour. Drycast Concrete pipe, boxes, and many manhole products are produced using the dry cast method, which uses zero slump concrete and vibration to produce a dense, durable concrete.  This process allows the product to be removed from the forms after the concrete has been consolidated. Wetcast Wet casting of concrete pieces, as the name implies, uses a concrete mix that is wet relative to the mixes used in the other processes. The wet cast process is most commonly used for production of manholes, top and base sections, and custom pieces, where it is manufactured, cured and stripped at one location. PAGE 12 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL