introduCtion • ASTM C 877 External Sealing Bands for Noncircular Concrete Sewer, Storm Drain and Culvert Pipe: Covers external sealing bands to be used for noncircular pipe conforming to ASTM C 506, C 507, C 789 and C 850. • ASTM C 923 Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete Manhole Structures and Pipes: Covers the minimum performance and material requirements for resilient connections between pipe and reinforced concrete manholes conforming to ASTM C 478. • ASTM C 985 Nonreinforced Concrete Specified Strength Culvert, Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe: Covers acceptance of pipe design and production pipe based upon the specified strength concept and statistical sampling techniques for concrete pipe to be used for the conveyance of sewage, industrial waste and storm water and construction of culverts. • ASTM C 1417 Standard Specification for Manufacture of Reinforced Concrete Sewer, Storm Drain, and Culvert Pipe for Direct Design: Covers the manufacture and acceptance of precast concrete pipe designed to conform to the owner’s design requirements and to ASCE 15 or an equivalent design specification. This method of design is commonly referred to as Standard Installation Direct Design, or SIDD. Refer to the Box Section chapter of this eManual for information on ASTM C 1433 - Precast Reinforced Concrete Monolithic Box Sections for Culverts, Storm Drains, and Sewers. ConCrete pipe stormwater treatment teChnologies Methods of Tests Methods of tests describe an orderly procedure for determining a property or constituent of a material, or an assembly of materials, and represent a consensus of the best available test procedures. A method includes essential details of apparatus, test specimens, procedures, and calculations required to achieve satisfactory precision. In addition to most of the topics included previously under the discussion of specifications, important items in methods of tests include: • Significance - and use contains information on the usefulness of each test procedure and provides an understanding of the meaning, suitability, and fundamental assumptions. • Apparatus - includes a brief description of the essential features and dimensions of apparatus and equipment. • Precision and accuracy - states the precision expected when the method is used by competent operators in different laboratories, and the accuracy of the method. The scope of the nationally accepted ASTM method of tests is as follows: • ASTM C 497 Determining Physical Properties of Concrete Pipe or Tile: Covers procedures for testing concrete pipe and tile. Included in this method are the external load crushing strength test for concrete pipe, the core strength test for concrete cores, the absorption test for concrete pipe specimens, the hydrostatic test for concrete pipe sections and the permeability test for concrete pipe sections. CSA Specification Designation A257.0 box seCtions manhole and CatCh basin material LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 11