CONCRETE PIPE Regional Specification Highlights A list of pertinent specifications one should be familiar with when specifying, purchasing, or installing catch basin and manhole material in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northern Ontario is provided below. It should be noted that this list may not necessarily be comprehensive or up to date, so it is recommended that your most recent local specifications be consulted. City of Winnipeg • • • • • • • • Maximum pipe size permitted in a 1200 mm diameter manhole is 525 mm All pipe manholes meet ASTM C76-CL IV 1200 mm X 1.83 m pipe manholes are required on 600 mm to 900 mm diameter LDS lines 1500 mm X 1.83 m pipe manholes are required on 1050 mm to 1500 mm diameter LDS lines Large diameter manholes should be used instead of pipe manholes when the LDS line is not aligned and/or when there is a break in grade No more than two adjusting rings are permitted per manhole Internal drop pipe manholes must be 1500 mm diameter (for up to 525 mm diameter pipe) Manholes reduce to 750 mm diameter to accept a TF101 frame and cover City of Regina and Saskatoon • • • • Reducers come with 635 mm opening Standard size manhole is 1050 mm diameter in Regina and 1200 mm diameter in Saskatoon Sanitary manholes come with benching and water tight connector boots for 150 mm to 375 mm diameter PVC (SDR 35) pipe No lifting holes permitted in pipe and manhole material PAGE 40 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL