CONCRETE PIPE Standard Specifications A specification is a precise statement of a set of requirements to be satisfied by a material, product, system, or service, indicating whenever appropriate, the procedure to determine whether the requirements have been satisfied. The technical data contained in specifications provides specific information to the designer that is not normally required for purchase or standardization. There are many topics covered by a specification, including: • Scope - amplifies the title, states the function of the specification, and notes any materials or products excluded. • Applicable documents - lists by designation number and complete title all documents referenced within the specification. • Classification - includes the types, grades, and classes of materials or products. • Materials - and manufacture provide general requirements regarding the materials and methods of manufacture. • Chemical requirements - detail requirements for the chemical composition and characteristics of the material or product. • Physical requirements - detail mechanical and other property requirements. • Permissible variations - provide appropriate tolerances. • Workmanship and finish - cover acceptable quality characteristics. • Repairs - stipulate permissible repairs and the method of acceptance. • Rejection - provides the basis for determining when individual items are unacceptable. • Marking - lists what information should be indicated on each product. In addition to the standards and specifications listed here, it is important to note that most municipalities have their own specifications that may take precedence over the requirements outlined within these respective documents. It is critical that local specifications be consulted prior to the start of any project to ensure that the pertinent requirements are being met. Please contact your local Lafarge representative if you are unfamiliar with the regulations that may apply in your area. PAGE 8 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL