introduction Regional Specification Highlights concrete pipe A list of pertinent specifications one should be familiar with when specifying, purchasing, or installing catch basin and manhole material in Southern Alberta is provided below. It should be noted that this list may not necessarily be comprehensive or up to date, so it is recommended that your most recent local specifications be consulted. City of Calgary • • • • • • • • • • No more than 2 small barrels (305 mm, 410 mm and 813 mm) permitted for manhole assembly No more than 3 collars to a maximum of 305 mm (Min 50 mm) permitted for manhole assembly All steps to be embedded 100 mm into concrete Additional step required if distance between top step and under side of manhole frame exceeds 584 mm Space between steps shall not exceed 400 mm Control manhole (better known as test manhole) shall have a • Invert drop from incoming pipe to invert of prebenched channel of 150 mm min/610 mm max • 50 mm drop on existing service leads Use interior drop when incoming pipe invert is greater than 760 mm out going pipe centerline • Internal pipe shall be PVC DR 35 • Only one interior drop per manhole Use exterior drop when incoming pipe invert is greater than 760 mm out going pipe centerline • In no case will the inflow pipe diameter exceed 300 mm Openings cut/cored in manholes shall not be more than 50 mm larger than outside diameter of pipe Mortar used for sealing pipe penetrations shall consist of one part sulfate resistant Portland cement to two parts of clear sharp sand stormwater treatment technologies box sections City of Red Deer • City of Red Deer sanitary slab tops require a 640 mm opening instead of a standard 710 mm opening. manhole and catch basin material LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 31