introduction Regional Specification Highlights A list of pertinent specifications one should be familiar with when specifying, purchasing, or installing catch basin and manhole material in Northern Alberta is provided below. It should be noted that this list may not necessarily be comprehensive or up to date, so it is recommended that your most recent local specifications be consulted. concrete pipe City of Edmonton • • • • • • • • A safety platform is required for all manholes over 6 m deep. As noted in the Design Standards, access manholes deeper than 40 feet on sewers 1200 mm diameter and larger shall have manhole frames and covers with a minimum of 900 mm in diameter installed. Manholes are to be oriented so safety steps are on the centreline perpendicular to the main floor channel. Safety steps should be aligned so that a person exiting from the manhole would face oncoming traffic, where this does not conflict with the previous requirement. Rungs are to be equally spaced at a maximum of 410 mm, from within 300 mm below the cover, to within 600 mm of the base or benching. Total amount of grade ring + frame and cover/grate height is to be between 450 mm and 950 mm. For sanitary and storm manholes, a cone top must be used if the build height permits it, otherwise a regular slab top may be used. For catch basin manholes, a regular slab top must always be used. All catch basins must be 900 mm diameter. 600 mm or 750 mm catch basins may not be used unless called out specifically in the design. stormwater treatment technologies Strathcona County (Sherwood Park) • 900 mm catch basins must come with steps and a separate base and barrel (not monolithic). box sections manhole and catch basin material LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 19