CONCRETE PIPE Adaptability Precast concrete pipe is an engineered product that can be designed to suit any installation condition, including deep fills, shallow fills, and heavy equipment loading.   Durability Lafarge’s precast concrete pipe installations are based on extensive research and development, which ensures that the systems are durable and perform for a service life that often exceeds 100 years. Sustainability Historically, concrete is the most durable and sustainable material for infrastructure and major construction. It continues to function long after a projects life is reached, by maintaining structural integrity, thus reducing the costs associated with repair and replacement. Due to the extended life and durability of concrete pipe, there is more potential than with other pipe materials for re-use in future project expansions or alterations.        Features of Concrete Pipe Precast concrete pipe is considered an industry leading product because of its durability and built-in structural strength.  Diameters from 300 millimeters through 3,000 millimeters are available in a variety of standard strength classes that meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards. Concrete pipe can also be engineered to suit any loading condition through a variety of installation types, reinforcing configurations, and wall thicknesses.   In addition to meeting ASTM, CSA, and local standards, all Lafarge pipe plants are certified under the Plant Prequalification Program, which ensures quality products for your project. Additional information on the Plant Prequalification Program can be found on page 23. Other Benefits Concrete pipe is locally available, environmentally friendly, and nonflammable.  PAGE 6 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL