introduction Regional Variations concrete pipe The reason for so much variability in manhole and catch basin material is simple; each geographic region has designed their specifications over time to match whatever the local producers have manufactured. Given the technology advancements and capital investments at any time, precast concrete producers across Canada, North America, and the world over have amassed a diverse collection of forms that continue to supply local markets today. Even within Lafarge, the manhole and catch basin production practices and materials vary somewhat significantly from one another. LAFARGE PIPE 6920 ,13 Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 3B1 Tel. (403) 292-9501 Fax (403) 255-2677 Concrete Pipe 2012 Southern Alberta Product Guide stormwater treatment technologies Edmonton Calgary Winnipeg box sections For the most up to date information on regional products and pertinent specifications or regulations, as well as current pricing, please refer to your local Lafarge Pipe product catalogue. manhole and catch basin material LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 9