introduCtion Applications Concrete Pipe is an effective material choice for a variety of applications. Primarily, concrete pipe is used as gravity drainage pipe for storm and sewer applications, as well as highway culverts. ConCrete pipe Gravity Drainage Pipe for Storm and Sewer Applications Precast concrete pipe is ideal for gravity drainage and sewer applications because of its durability and built-in structural strength. Concrete pipe can also be engineered to suit any loading condition through a variety of installation types, reinforcing configurations, and wall thicknesses.   stormwater treatment teChnologies Highway Culverts For deep or particularly difficult installations, concrete pipe provides an alternative to corrugated steel for use as highway culverts or crossings. While corrugated steel has its advantages, it is not without its limitations, and as highway infrastructure keeps up with rising traffic demands it is important to consider all drainage pipe options available. Through direct design practices, concrete pipe can be manufactured to meet extreme project conditions and offers other benefits that address concerns with grading, corrosion, or life cycle cost analysis. manhole and CatCh basin material box seCtions LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 5