LAfArge And the environmen the United Nations declared 2010 the Year of Biodiversity. Lafarge supports this initiative globally and the Lafarge Pipe Operation is proud to be a selected as one of four Calgary area biodiversity sites. Biodiversity refers to the diverse spectrum of plants, animals, and even microorganisms in the natural environment. Given the Pipe Operation’s location along the Bow River, biodiversity at this site is of particular importance and care. Precast manholes and catch basins offer significant cost and installation schedule Biodiversity initiatives at the Pipe Operation will include: advantages over cast-in-place alternatives. These precast structures are universally accepted for use in sanitary or storm sewer applications, and are generally • Installing manufactured in accordance with the provisions of ASTM Standard C478. a webcam for an existing osprey nesting platform Last year, CONCRETE PIPE Introduction • Erecting manholes While only a metal frame is visible from the surface, there is much more to a new nesting platform for eagles and catch basins than many are aware. Complicating matters is that within any given • Planting a geographical region, the style, shape, and terminology can vary significantly. native pollinator garden • Building nesting boxes for song birds • Arranging brush piles for small mammals Defining Manholes • Tree wrapping for protection from beavers A manhole provides an access point to an underground utility (including sewers and storm drains). It is used for making connections or performing maintenance on this infrastructure. Manholes are usually outfitted with steps installed in the inner side of the wall to allow easy descent and ascent. It is protected by a manhole cover designed to prevent accidental or unauthorized access to the manhole. Benching – refers to the channels constructed within the base of a manhole to convey flow. Pre-benched (PB) Manhole – a manhole that has been manufactured with the benching already in place. Otherwise, the benching is installed in the field. Monolithic Base – A monolithic manhole base refers to a single piece of concrete that consists of both a base and barrel walls. Pre-Benched manholes are by nature monolithic bases. Flat Base Manhole – A manhole with no benching in place, typically used to provide a sump. Can be monolithic or consist of separate materials. the SuStAinAbLe choice PAGE 2 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL