CONCRETE PIPE Box Section Joints and Sealants Box section joints are similar to those addressed in the pipe section of this eManual. The connection consists of a spigot (tongue) and bell (groove) that connect one box section to the next. The maximum recommended joint gap in most jurisdictions is 40 mm between box sections, though exceptions may apply at times. In the City of Calgary, the recommended joint gap between box sections is 12 to 25 mm. introduction CONCRETE PIPE CONCRETE PIPE concrete pipe Providing high quality precast concrete drainage materials across Western Canada. stormwater treatment technologies LAFARGE PIPE 6920 13 Street SE Calgary, AB T2H3B1 Tel. (403) 292-9501 Fax: (403) 255-2677 box sections manhole and catch basin material LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 9 For more information on joints, as well as hydrokinetics (infiltration and exfiltration) expectations, please refer to the Pipe section of this eManual. Gaskets and sealants vary in cost and inherent performance characteristics, but field performance is always dependent upon installation procedures. The most common are: • • • • Cement, paste or mortar Rubber, separate only External bands, cement mortar or rubber Mastic, bulk or preformed It is important to note that some regional specifications may designate the type of joint sealant to be used for box sections. PAGE 12 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL