introduction End Sections Standard End Caps and Plugs The standard end sections typically recommended for precast concrete box sections are end cap or end plugs. These simple slabs can be cast as plain concrete sections or incorporate various openings or connections to act as transition slabs for pipe or smaller box sections. concrete pipe End Cap End Plug Monolithic End Sections stormwater treatment technologies Monolithic end sections have the advantage of the box section and end cap in a single precast unit. Monolithic end sections are ideal for projects where exact lengths, reduced number of joints, or installation schedules are of concern. It should be noted that the weight of a monolithic box section should be taken into consideration for installation purposes, as there is a significant difference versus as standard box section unit, particularly on larger pieces. box sections Bevelled End Sections Precast reinforced concrete box sections can be produced for special end treatments such as bevelled end sections, keyway slots, or exposed reinforcing. Bevelled sections (pictured right) can be provided for most any angle or slope desired, though it is recommended that the sections be cut in the field after installation if the slope extends beyond a single section length. manhole and catch basin material LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 11