CONCRETE PIPE Bends Bends, or “elbows”, can be manufactured to meet any required deflection angle with precast concrete box sections. Alternatively, sharper curves can be handled by using special short lengths of box sections rather than standard lengths. Please check with your local Lafarge representative if shorter lengths are required, as not all box sizes can accommodate shorter lengths. The maximum recommended bend in a single box section is 45 degrees. For bends greater than 45 degrees, multiple box sections should be considered. Bevelled or “radius” box sections are also available for up to five degrees. Manhole Access Openings For all box section sizes at Lafarge, manhole opening can be provided for access. Openings of almost any size and shape can be accommodated, but it should be noted that the standard box sizes of 1200 x 600 and 1200 x 900 do not allow for a standard 1200 mm diameter manhole opening with a joint connection. While a manhole opening can be situated in virtually any location, joints between box sections are to be avoided. Providing at least 300 mm from the edge of an opening to a joint is recommended. Openings are also not permitted on a bend section. Manhole openings are most commonly located along a box section wall to accommodate step rungs for access. For pipe connections entering box sections, Lafarge is able to provide scarred or cored openings. Please contact your local Lafarge representative for more information. PAGE 10 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL