introduction Design Software The primary software program utilized for the design of box sections is called BoxCAR. Your local Lafarge Pipe representative is trained in the use of this program, and is able to provide design assistance when necessary. concrete pipe BoxCAR BoxCAR is a structural analysis and design program for precast concrete box sections and can be ordered from the American Concrete Pipe Association. Alternatively, contact your local Lafarge concrete pipe plant for more information. The output of BoxCAR provides detailed steel reinforcement requirements, including stirrups (if necessary). As steel reinforcement availability and manufacturing capabilities differ depending on manufacturer, it is recommended your local Lafarge representative be contacted prior to specifying box culvert reinforcing. Alternatively, box sections can be specified based on the design cover alone, providing the manufacturer the freedom to choose the appropriate reinforcement that works best with their operation. stormwater treatment technologies Determination of Loads Load determination is an important factor in the design of precast concrete box sections. Typically, the depth of soil cover and the live (traffic) loads to be expected are the most important factors to be considered. Due to the expertise required to determine the steel reinforcement design for precast box sections, as well as the manufacturing limitations and advantages that vary from one plant facility to another, it is recommended that your local Lafarge representative be contacted to perform the design calculations. At minimum, the information required will be the vehicle traffic loading anticipated, complete with wheel footprint and weight if possible, as well as the soil cover range. By default, and at minimum, the box sections manufactured at Lafarge are designed to meet CL-800 highway loading, as per the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code. There are also standard ranges of soil cover available (see your local Lafarge product catalogue for more information). box sections manhole and catch basin material LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 7