CONCRETE PIPE Manufacturing Process Standard Box Sizes Drycast Precast concrete box sections, like concrete pipe, are produced using the dry cast method, which uses zero slump concrete and vibration to produce a dense, durable concrete.  This process allows the product to be removed from the forms after the concrete has been consolidated, facilitating production of multiple pieces on a day to day basis. Production capacities are typically limited by the number of pallets and headers available to form the bell and spigot connections, respectively. For more information on the drycast manufacturing process, including offbearing and curing, please refer to the Concrete Pipe section of this eManual. Plant Tours Interested in seeing how precast concrete box sections are made? Please contact your local Lafarge Pipe representative to set up a plant tour. Lafarge Big Box Sections Wetcast Lafarge “Big Box” sections are manufactured with wetcast concrete. This method utilizes a single form where a self consolidating concrete is delivered to fill the form from above. The form is then allowed to cure overnight, allowing only a single piece to be produced each day. The advantage of wetcast concrete is the flexibility it provides for the final product. Whereas in drycast concrete openings must be scarred or cored after the product has been poured, wetcast allowed for the openings to be cast directly into the unit. PAGE 6 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL