CONCRETE PIPE Introduction Precast concrete box sections are designed to meet job specific requirements and are manufactured under factory controlled conditions employing the latest in drycast manufacturing technology. Precast box sections are the logical solution to problems of restricted head room, minimum cover, limited trench width or excessive over fills, and can be designed for jacking under roads without interruption. Concrete box sections can be used in a variety of applications to meet the needs of your project beyond the conveyance of storm water, industrial waste and sanitary sewage. Innovative product solutions include: • • • • • • • • • • Highway bridge culverts Stormwater retention tanks Rural bridge applications Vertical vaults Rip-rap lined culverts for fish crossing Utility corridors or pedestrian tunnel crossings Lift stations Control chambers Animal crossings Overflow relief systems The content of this eManual section includes sizing and design information for standard and large sized Lafarge box sections for horizontally oriented units, including handling and installation details. For information on vertically oriented box sections for use as manholes or lift stations, please refer to the Manhole and Catch Basin Material section of this eManual. introduction CONCRETE PIPE MANHOLE AND CATCH BASIN MATERIAL Providing high quality precast concrete drainage materials for pipeline access and capture of stormwater. concrete pipe stormwater treatment technologies LAFARGE PIPE 6920 13 Street SE Calgary, AB T2H3B1 Tel. (403) 292-9501 Fax: (403) 255-2677 box sections manhole and catch basin material PAGE 2 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL