CONCRETE PIPE Background The Concrete Pipe Industry Sanitary concrete pipe was developed during the 19th century after the public became conscious of the needs for sanitation. Many installations of concrete pipe has been made prior to 1880, and its durability characteristics soon became apparent. The growth of the industry has since been greatly influenced by related technical and market developments. Modern design and construction of sewers and culverts, and the design and production of concrete pipe, have evolved from the basic work of the last 100 years. This activity included: • Development of hydraulic and hydrologic theories • Concepts for loads on pipe • Standards for materials and tests Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Today Lafarge is committed to being a leader in sustainability. While we strive for sustainable actions as a matter of what is right, Lafarge understands that in order to be successful we must be financially sustainable.  Therefore, it makes business sense to do what is right.  We know that we have more to do to continue to improve our environmental performance but we are proud of the steps we are taking every day.  We are always seeking ways to increase our performance at our operations but beyond that we work to develop innovative solutions that can help design professionals achieve sustainable design. PAGE 2 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL