CONCRETE PIPE Guidelines and Regulations A summary of the present pertinent requirements for municipalities in Western Canada are highlighted in the following sections. The information presented here will be reviewed and updated periodically. City of Calgary According to the City of Calgary Stormwater Management Design Manual, use of BMPs (oil/grit separators, filter strips, grassed swales, and stormwater ponds), is recommended for all sites. However, BMPs are required for the following sites: • large sites (> 2 ha) • gas stations • heavy industrial and manufacturing sites The design parameters required to be met by an oil/grit separator are outlined in detail by the Oil/Grit Separator Checklist (see the City of Calgary’s website). The Stormwater Management Design Manual specifies that the cost of installation and maintenance of all on-site BMPs are to be borne by the owner and require the approval of Wastewater & Drainage. Drainage Bylaw 37M2005 requires that an oil/ grit separator unit must be maintained periodically per manufacturer’s specifications and instructions, with a minimum cleaning frequency of six months unless it can be demonstrated otherwise. City of Calgary Stormwater Management Design Manual (Section 4.11 and 4.12) PAGE 40 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL