CONCRETE PIPE Frequently Asked Questions Is it difficult to service a Stormceptor unit? The level of difficulty has been overcome by developing cost effective efficient methods of servicing. Can a Stormceptor unit installed deeper than 10.0 m (33 feet) be serviced? Yes! At 10.0 m (33 feet) absolute zero is reached. Today, vacuum technology and equipment is commonly available to service units at far greater depths. Must all the water be removed and disposed of from the unit? No. Only the sediment and oil need to be removed from the lower chamber. The water may be temporarily pumped out of the unit and returned once the sediment has been removed. What is the definition of clean? A Stormceptor unit is considered clean when at least 85% of the sediment is removed from the unit. Like any BMP it is physically possible to clean out a system to 100% clean, however, it will not be cost effective. Is an oil sheen a problem? With a steady influx of water with high concentrations of oil, a sheen may be noticeable at the Stormceptor outlet. This may occur because a rainbow or sheen can be seen at very small oil concentrations (<10 ppm). Stormceptor will remove over 95% of all free oil and the appearance of a sheen at the outlet with high influent oil concentrations does not mean that the unit is not working to this level of removal. In addition, if the influent oil is emulsified the Stormceptor will not be able to remove it. The Stormceptor is designed for free oil removal, not emulsified conditions. PAGE 36 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL