introduCtion One System for your Large Stormwater Capacity Needs The StormceptorMAX responds to the needs of large-scale industrial and residential areas which may require a single stormwater management device. It provides stormwater quality treatment for areas 20 to 100+ acres and industrial spill volume capture of 15,000+ gallons. One StormceptorMAX can provide protection for an entire neighbourhood, a full-scale industrial plant or other large developments. ConCrete pipe Unique, Comprehensive Site Coverage • Increased sedimentation chamber extends horizontally rather than vertically • Non-turbulent treatment environment allows oil to rise and sediment to settle • Industrial spill protection in dry and wet conditions • Patented scour prevention technology contains captured oil and sediment for secure storage and easy removal • Ideal for industrial or residential sites with established infrastructure stormwater treatment teChnologies Design Flexibility • Modular and expandable, depending on the site’s size and water quality objective • Lower chamber can be constructed of different materials, depending on site conditions • May be used as part of a stormwater treatment train, complimenting BMPs such as ponds or swales box seCtions Unit Sizing Based on PCSWMM • Industry-leading continuous simulation modeling software uses site conditions to project the frequency and intensity of runoff to determine the best system for your site It’s Still a Stormceptor manhole and CatCh basin material • Continuous positive treatment of total suspended solids (TSS) in stormwater runoff year-round, regardless of flow rate • Industry-leading reputation for efficiency and reliability • With over 25,000 units operating worldwide, Stormceptor performs and protects every day. LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 25